Frequently Asked Questions

Is chewing of the harness covered by warranty?
Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover damage from chewing. We design our harness to be as strong as possible while balancing comfort. Unfortunately, they are not meant to be chew-proof and we do recommend taking the harness off when not in use.

My dog is in between sizes, which size should I get?
If your dog is in between sizes, we highly recommend selecting the larger size option.

What are the differences between the harnesses?
Our most popular harness is the Adventure No-pull Dog Harness, thanks to its rip-stop nylon fabric and reinforced D-ring leash attachments. The Adventure Harness comes in 6 vibrant colors and also features a grip handle to allow for extra control when needed.

The Urban No-pull Dog Harness uses the same design and fit as the Adventure but features 4 unique hand-cut patterns printed on lightweight oxford fabric. Though it uses a slightly different fabric, the Urban harness is still extremely durable and strong, featuring 2 reinforced D-ring leash attachments and extra control grip handle.

The Sports Harness is our recommendation if you tend to take your dog swimming or to the beach a lot or if your dog has a tendency to overheat. The Sports Harness is still padded but we use a special mesh padding so there's a lot of airflow. It is more lightweight than the Adventure and Urban Harness so it will dry faster and allow for more breathability.

Can I get the same exact pattern shown in the photo?
Because all the patterns are hand-cut, the pattern does vary from harness to harness. We use the same fabric but we can't guarantee it will be the same exact one as the picture.

How long is your shipping time?
Our Standard Shipping Delivery Time in both US and UK is about 5-7 days, and this is free of charge. We also offer 2-day and 1-day shipping options at an additional cost.

Is this harness designed so that the dog cannot pull?z
Our Adventure, Urban, and Sports harnesses all have a front leash attachment which is why they are considered “No Pull” harnesses. If you use this clip it is designed to reduce pulling but it does not magically stop all pulling. It is meant to be used with training. The harness is a tool for owners who want to do no pull training so when the dog pulls and the leash is attached to the front it will pull the dog to the side and reduce the strength he has to pull forward.

What should I do with the excess strap?
It is okay to cut the excess strap but we recommend burning the ends once done to seal it off to prevent fraying.

Which harness would you recommend for my dog who has a medical condition
Unfortunately, we cannot tell which will be best because our harnesses are not tested for medical purposes. We recommend consulting with your licensed veterinarian.

The harness is rubbing around my dog’s armpit. Is it normal?
Unfortunately, this might be a fitting issue because we normally recommend at least two fingers of space between the harness and the dog. Our recommendation is to send a few photos to and our team will be happy to make a recommendation.

It is possible that the harness is not long enough along the chest, making it too tight on the armpit. 

Do you sell replacement clips?
Unfortunately, we do not sell a separate replacement clip for our harnesses. 

How to Know if the Harness is Already on its Smallest Setting?
You would know that the harness is in its smallest setting if the two pieces would almost touch each other.

What is the rear strap placement of your harnesses?
Every dog is unique in terms of sizing, however, we can say our harness is specifically designed for extra length such that the chest straps sit behind the rib cage. We suggest using the sizing chart and your dog's chest dimensions to select our harness.

How to become an affiliate?
You can learn about our world class affiliate program at the link below:

Are the harnesses safe for car use?
We cannot guarantee the safety of our harnesses for car use as they have not been specifically tested for this purpose.

How to adjust the harness?
To adjust the harness or collar, please grab the buckle on the side that you would like to tighten and pull the material through as far as it will go to shorten the length of the strap. 

Here is a video to explain how to adjust the harness sizing:

If in a washing machine, what setting?
Gentle wash setting, warm water without any harsh detergents. Hang dry only.

Do we recommend spot cleaning instead?
We recommend hand washing your harness with a non-irritant detergent or mild soap in your sink or bathtub.
Do we cover damages made from washing?
Damage caused by machine washing is not covered by our Warranty.

Can you do customized items?
Unfortunately, we are not able to customize items at this time.

Which countries do you deliver?
Currently, we only deliver to the US and UK.

What is the process for wholesale orders?
Please contact us for wholesale opportunities by emailing

Social Media FAQ’S

How can I contact your customer support team?
Thank you for reaching out! You can reach our customer support team at

Which Harness is right for my pup?
We offer several different types of harnesses for all different types of Adventures. Here are some key highlights to each our different types of harnesses.

How do I choose the right size for the rain jacket and Wax Jacket?
Hello, and thank you for reaching out.
For sizing video and how-to on our rain jacket please see this link:

For sizing video and how to on our wax jacket, please see this link: 

Also, here you can find our sizing chart for our rain jacket at this link: And for our wax jacket, please use the sizing chart at this link:

Are your products suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?
Yes! Our products offer a broad range for most dog breeds from Great Danes to Chihuahuas.

Are you open for affiliates or collaboration?
We are always looking to work with other pups/brands and collaborate. 

You can apply for our affiliate program here:

If you would like to collaborate, please tell us more about you and your brand over DM’s, and we will be in contact with you shortly. 

Which harness is right for my dog?
(in process, video on the difference between each harness)


How long has your wholesale program been established?
We have offered a wholesale program for approximately 5 years.

How often do you update your inventory with new products?
Our product development team usually updates our catalog each quarter.

Are the products you’re offering authentic?
Yes, our products are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. You will not find a better harness on the market.

Can you provide me with a catalog?
Yes, please send us an email to or fill out our sign up form at the end of this page.

What is the minimum order quantity you require?
The MOQ varies tremendously from one product to the other.

Where are your warehouses located?
We have warehouses across the United States and United Kingdom.